What’s keeping you from being the best version of you?

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” - Joseph Campbell

Given our limited time on the planet, shouldn’t we all be making the most of our lives and doing what we love?  Why, then, isn’t everyone the best they can be?

The simple answer is fear.

If we dare to stand out, there will be people who will criticize our choices.  If we are average and follow the rules, we are likely to go unnoticed – there is nothing to talk about.

This is playing not to lose.  How safe and unremarkable!

That is so easy.  It is easy to stay in your comfort zone and not live at your capacity.  It is easy to be normal like everyone else.  It is easy not to stand out.  There is no risk in merely surviving – anyone can do that!

The unknown is viewed as a threat to our existence.  To avoid death, we risk not living.

The irony in this is that death is the only certainty, yet many of us spend our whole life running from it.  Crazy, right?!

What if instead you play to win?  What if the goal is to be the best version of you and not to avoid criticism [or death]?  What would you do differently?

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