“I’ve been working with Tanuja for approximately a month.  In the very small amount of time, I’ve already experienced positive change in my life.

When I met Tanuja, I was working in Corporate America in a job that I hated. I always had big aspirations and dreams, but I wasn’t sure where to start.  Instilled in me was a lot of fear which prohibited me from moving forward.  I had been stuck in this rut for years, and I wanted out.  I approached Tanuja looking for an outlet and someone who could help direct my energy and focus.

She did just that!  We had weekly meetings discussing where I was and where I wanted to be.  For the first time in a long time, I was accountable to someone, outside myself.  She helped me derive answers to my questions, which was a learning experience in itself.  Further, she supplemented my knowledge with her own wisdom.  She never judged me or my ideas, which helped me develop a confidence in myself.

Since working with Tanuja, I’ve taken a leap of faith and started my own business.  I now wake up every morning with passion and purpose, which is something most people cannot say (definitely something I couldn’t say for years!).  I’ve found my time with Tanuja to be rewarding, as her guidance has helped me develop into who I am now, and who I want to be.  There’s no better time to make a change than the present!”

- Lauren Natoli

“Tanuja is such an inspiring force! Through her compassion and meditative presence, I feel both nurtured and challenged to be my best self. Conversations with her are always valuable and insightful.”

-Patia Braithwaite, Relationship Writer

“With Tanuja as my coach, I have been able to access parts of myself that I have unconsciously avoided for a long period of time. She has provided me with tools that when applied opened a new framework for thinking and acting. I developed a level of confidence in myself that I did not know I possessed. Working with Tanuja has changed me completely.”

-Doni Johnson

“Tanuja is a blend of intellect, spirituality, beauty, balance, fire and energy. Her approach to coaching has allowed me to feel comfortable to either babble and/or take action. Through our sessions, I have maintained the balance that I established, the positive momentum to achieve my goals and continue to preserve my integrity.  Tanuja is a wonderful coach and our sessions feel like I’m catching up with an old friend and figuring things out.”


“Tanuja is a phenomenal coach, and she has called out my power that I had lost touch with. She challenged me in a loving and supportive way that made me feel confident to step out of my comfort zone. I highly recommend that anyone who would like to positively transform their life experience her services. She has a true gift for empowering her clients to express themselves fully.”

- René John-Sandy II

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