Happiness has to start somewhere

Today’s blog post is an article by Lauren Natoli, a coaching client.  She is an amazing young woman who is courageously going after her dreams.  Lauren is the co-founder of Drink Your Juice, a site dedicated to revolutionizing happiness. It has been such a pleasure to witness her transformation and watch her step into her authenticity.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”  - C.G. Jung

Everyone has their own recipe for personal happiness, and while some may know their secret combination, they are yet to figure out how to apply it to their everyday lives. I was a victim of this. The overwhelming emotions of passion and fear were a never ending battle, and unfortunately, fear was prohibiting me from moving forward.

With the support of my “personal tribe” and the guidance of my special coach, Tanuja, things took a turn for the best earlier this year. I finally realized what was important to me – my values. I promised myself that I would follow my heart and not apologize for it. Instantaneously, my sister Cheryl was on board. She could feel the shift in my energy and wanted to take part in this journey, too.

Together we came up with “Drink Your Juice” (DYJ), a website program derived to give people the motivation and inspiration they need to be happier. We believe everyone deserves to be happy, though many feel that they don’t have what it takes. Cheryl and I vouched to be the support system needed for anyone courageous enough to take the first step!

It’s easy to imagine a successful business, but the challenging (and fun!) part is actually bringing it to life. Instead of dipping into our own savings, we’re hustling to thrive from the start. That’s where one of our first big milestones comes in: winning the second ever Holstee Fellowship in which we faced a large applicant pool and a competitive voting process.  Click here  to watch the video we submitted.

We feel not only blessed, but re-energized and further empowered to continue this journey. After only a few months, and approximately a month away from our website’s launch, we’re feeling more validated and purposeful than ever before. Not only are we giving others an outlet to be happier, but by honoring our values and doing what we love, we’ve managed to become much happier and confident ourselves!

We understand this will be a long journey and we’re just getting started. There will be many unknowns, but we will always remember that the keys to success are being true to ourselves, persistence, and keeping the dream in close sight.

What’s your recipe for happiness?  How are you embracing your authenticity?

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