What is The Conscious Life Project, anyway?

The paradox of education is precisely this – that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated. - James A. Baldwin

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor. -Henry David Thoreau

The Conscious Life Project was born because deep down I knew there was a better way to live than the way I was existing.  I knew that I wanted to have a self-approved life, a life that was meaningful to me.  I wasn’t sure exactly how to do that, but I was going to find out.

I figured the worst that could happen in this experiment is that I would end up in the same state I started.

So, I enrolled in personal development courses, immersed myself in spiritual books and teachings, and hired coaches to help me.  I also made the conscious choice to do more of the things that made me feel alive and that I wanted to do.

As a result, I began to embrace failure as a way of learning.  When something did not work out, I moved on to the next, not being attached to outcomes.

Being aligned with my values made all the difference.

We exist in a culture that places tremendous value on status, money, and material objects as the primary elements of success and happiness. So, it is no surprise that we chase after these things to get to the Holy Grail. That is not to say that money and things are not important and even necessary, but pursuing them for their own sake will not make us happy.

We become hamsters on a wheel – exhausted, constantly striving, and never arriving. And even though there is a lingering sense of dissatisfaction and the feeling that something else, something bigger is calling us, we are terrified to jump off.

There is security in the known, no matter how painful, and uncertainty in the unknown.  Oh, the fear of not knowing!  Yes, that dreaded sensation that stands between us and our vision.

Rather than succumb to fear, could there be a more empowered way?

Clearly, approaching happiness from the outside in isn’t working.  With all the material ingredients of success present, many of us are still unhappy. What if we instead used an inside out approach?  What if we placed our intrinsic need to do meaningful work, be in genuine relationships, and engage in activities which bring us joy ahead of external rewards?

What if we replaced the stress of going after a paycheck with the enjoyment of doing work we love? What if we do the things which come naturally to us and money flowed easily as a by-product? What if by listening to our heart, we hear the voice of our calling?

What is possible when we challenge conventional wisdom and our limiting beliefs and use our fears as the vehicle to propel us towards our dreams?

Would you like to find out?

Join me in The Conscious Life Project, and let’s run the experiment together to see what opens up when you reclaim your power and follow your heart.

If this resonates with you, please leave a comment or click below to share it. Also, find more goodness on the Facebook page:  facebook.com/theconsciouslifeproject.

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